For over two decades, MCR Construction has been building and renovating properties in the Boston area. Owner Manuel Reynoso emigrated from Guatemala in 1986. He was trained as a union mason and carpenter, and was licensed as a general contractor in 1992. Over the years, MCR has worked with a large number of private homeowners, small businesses, community development organizations, governmental agencies, and nonprofits.

MCR excels at green building techniques. In 2009, one of our projects was featured in an educational TV series produced by the National Science Foundation, entitled “Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students.” Manuel and the project's architects demonstrated green building techniques throughout the construction of a 10-unit condominium in Cambridge, while also mentoring young apprentice carpenters from Youthbuild. That project was awarded LEED Platinum status -- the highest level of certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

In this website, we showcase a range of projects that we have completed over the years, so that you can decide if MCR Construction is the right builder for your next project.