OK, so maybe it's not a mega-blockbuster, but we were flattered to have one of our projects featured in an educational video series funded by the National Science Foundation.

Here's the scoop:

In 2009, MCR Construction built the LEED-certified, highly-efficient, solar-powered, multi-family dwelling at 823 Main Street in Cambridge, MA. Not only was this building LEED "Platinum" certified, and virtually earthquake-proof, but it was also built with the involvement of YouthBuild, which means that one of the units was primarily built by young people just learning the trade. All of this was coordinated by the fearless and multi-talented organization, Just-A-Start

During construction, we were visited by a film crew from the University of Oregon. They were making an educational video series about practical applications for math and science in the construction trades. In particular, they were interested in how the principles of thermodynamics -- convection, conduction, and radiation -- are taken into account during the "real world" design and construction of a new building.

So they spent several days filming at the job site. In these short videos you will see interviews with the architect and engineer, and many shots of our workers and subcontractors blowing insulation, installing solar panels, installing energy-efficient windows, performing blower tests, and much more. It's a good, insider's look at how a building comes together.

Presented here for your enjoyment and enlightenment:

If the video is not working, you can see them here on our youtube channel: